Did you know that in a regular coffee, your preferred barista uses about 150 ml of water to serve it as you like and it goes as low as 22 ml for an expresso? That’s it! Might be your first reaction but you may hold your breath on this one when we tell you that in fact, it takes more than 18,900 L to produce 1kg of coffee.

Indeed, when cruising the alleys of a supermarket or sitting in comfy sofas of a coffee shop, we may all forget that water plays a crucial role in global food security and is essential for production. Water scarcity is already an issue in many world regions and at Olam International Ltd (Olam), we have become well aware of that. It is correct to say that most crops are rain-fed. Nonetheless agriculture also accounts for 71% of all fresh water withdrawals. Demand for additional water for irrigation is estimated to increase by nearly 28% by 2025, while agriculture is estimated to contribute to more than 30% of all fresh water pollution.

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