Name: Jeremy Mpalampa
Company – Taylor Winch Tanzania
Country – Tanzania

  1. What do you Love Most about Tanzania as a country?

Being home to Africa’s highest mountain, the Kilimanjaro, and several famous national parks and game reserves that offer a rich diversity in wildlife certainly would make Tanzania one of the most attractive countries on the continent for any nature enthusiast.

  1. What Makes Tanzanian Coffee Special

East African coffees offer unique profiles to coffee lovers and Tanzania is fortunate enough to have a pleasant coffee cultivation history with abundant land, appropriate altitude, rainfall, temperature and soil structure which all contribute to making the coffees that it offers truly special.

  1. Top 2 Coffee Growing Regions in Tanzania for you and why?

First would be Mbeya, an expanding coffee growing region in the south with a number of CPU’s that are springing up across various locations. It has pockets of jewel coffees that present exciting cup profiles