During the 2015 – 2016 coffee year, the African Fine Coffees Association formed the African Business Travel Club. This club seeks to offer members special opportunities to take full advantage of their business trips and networking missions.

International Exhibition Participation

AFCA members are invited to participate at the AFCA Booth or take up coffee cupping opportunities at conferences like SCAE, SCAA, SCAJ e.t.c. This unique platform allows members to take advantage the pool of international buyers and roasters that visit the AFCA Booth or Cupping Platform.

Taste of Harvest Buyer Visits

AFCA offers a select number of members from the international community an opportunity to cup the best coffees from Africa at the Origin in state of art laboratories. The cupping takes place at the National Taste of Harvest event – an internationally recognised cupping event. AFCA will meet in country/local travel, meal and accommodation costs for its international members.

The opportunity allows international community to visit the DRC, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

For more information about the taste of harvest buyer visits please contact martin.maraka@africanfinecoffee.org

Coffee Field Visits

AFCA members are invited to visit various African countries of origin at farmer and producer level while learning about what makes each origin special and different. This unique opportunity is also extended to members that want to visit large exemplary producer nations such as Brazil and India.

AFCA Annual Golf Competition

This unique event allows for all AFCA members to network and discuss issues at the golf course once a year. This event is perfect for business travel club members to catch up as they tee-off.