Hamza Article

In June 2015, I was privileged to visit the Amir Hamza Processing and Exporting Offices in Bukoba Tanzania. For two weeks, in June of 2015 I embarked on my second annual back packing trip through the Bukoba, Mwanza Region of Tanzania. My decision to go to the Bukoba Mwanza region for two weeks was influenced by selection of Tanzania as the venue of the 14th AFCC & E and my Grandfather. My grandfather Kenneth Mdoe, of the Sukuma Tribe originally lived in Bukoba before moving to Mwanza for work with the local council under the then Nyerere Government. He and my grandmother then had two children, my uncle, who was born in Bukoba and my mother who was born in Mwanza.

In 2014 I travelled through Burundi, Rwanda and DRC. The choice of the Burundi, Rwanda and DRC option was greatly influenced by the 11th AFCC & E that was held in Burundi. It was my first time to visit this region. Heavily impressed by the heart of Africa, I made my first trip through this region armed with nothing but a rack sack, $200, a phone and a map.

This trip was therefore destined to be both emotional and insightful. My visit to the small town of Bukoba included visits to the Bukoba Airport, Bunena Church, Kagera Museum, Mater Misericordiae Cathedral, ELCT Tea Room and enjoy a nice beer & fish at Kiroyera Tours.

Having secured my accommodation at the Perfect Hotel at negotiated rate of $38,000 a night, I met up with Mr. Bilal Hamza and his wife in town near the New Rose Cafe. Our drive in their famous land cruiser that I have seen at almost every conference (Bujumbura, Kampala and Arusha) took us up and out of the city, through a manmade forest and finally to the plant which currently sits on 16 hectares overlooking western shore line of the Lake Victoria.

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