Coffee Planet has appointed Matt Wade as its new and talented roastmaster. As the only Q-grader in the UAE, coffee buff Matt joins Coffee Planet to ensure the popular brand stays at the forefront of coffee trends in the region.

A specialised roastmaster from the UK, Matt is on the hunt searching the world for the best possible coffees to roast at Coffee Planet’s own premium roastery – the largest in the region. Whether it’s visiting coffee farms and meeting with farmers, or frequenting coffee plantations, washing stations and mills, Matt aims to source high-quality, 100% Arabica beans from renowned coffee regions and bring them to the UAE.

Matt’s interest in coffee lies deep within the science of the perfect cup. With his constant research into the rapidly fast growing coffee market and its developing trends, Matt will work with Coffee Planet to keep them as leading innovators of the coffee scene in the UAE.

A roastmaster is a hands-on role, which requires care in the delicate process of roasting coffee, from consistently checking the coffee at cupping through to brewing. Every coffee origin reacts differently and every bean is unique requiring Matt to run experiments in Coffee Planet’s cupping laboratory to find the most effective parameters, such as the fully-washed Sidamo coffee beans from Ethiopia which when roasted to Coffee Planet’s specific parameters release fragrant tangerines and butterscotch flavours.

Matt developed his passion for coffee whilst living in New Zealand where the coffee scene is rated as amongst the finest in the world. In 2000, Matt landed a role in London as trainer and went on to set up a busy london cafe bar, where his interest in the growing coffee culture evolved. He soon became familiar with the art involved in brewing and drinking coffee through working with baristas vying to make the perfect cup and interacting with coffee drinkers who are very selective in their choice.

Over the past twelve years, the growing coffee industry has taken Matt across the world, from farming and milling in El Salvador to pulling shots in small independent coffee shops in the U.S.A. He has built an acute understanding of the nature of coffee having followed and studied the intrinsic journey of the coffee berry across regions including Africa, Central and South America.

Matt’s in-depth understanding of coffee, from origin to final consumption, has seen him become a specialist in all elements of coffee-making, including agronomy – the science behind the art, farming to processing, milling and roasting. This skill set has led to an admirable collection of awards including runner’s up positions at the 2009 SCAE UKBC Coffee in Good Spirits and SCAA roasters Guild Annual Roast competitions. Matt also joined a panel of national and international cuppers as a judge at the ‘Cup of Excellence’ Costa Rica 2011 – the most esteemed award given out for top coffees.

With a SCAA Licensed Q-grading Certificate in the UAE, Matt is a specialist in green grading, roast identification, coffee cupping, sensory skills and sensory triangulation. His diverse collection of tools as a coffee professional, along with his acute understanding and passion for the historical, economical and cultural impact of coffee, is an asset to Coffee Planet and the region.

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