Coffee Planet has appointed Matt Wade as its new and talented roastmaster. As the only Q-grader in the UAE, coffee buff Matt joins Coffee Planet to ensure the popular brand stays at the forefront of coffee trends in the region.

A specialised roastmaster from the UK, Matt is on the hunt searching the world for the best possible coffees to roast at Coffee Planet’s own premium roastery – the largest in the region. Whether it’s visiting coffee farms and meeting with farmers, or frequenting coffee plantations, washing stations and mills, Matt aims to source high-quality, 100% Arabica beans from renowned coffee regions and bring them to the UAE.

Matt’s interest in coffee lies deep within the science of the perfect cup. With his constant research into the rapidly fast growing coffee market and its developing trends, Matt will work with Coffee Planet to keep them as leading innovators of the coffee scene in the UAE.

A roastmaster is a hands-on role, which requires care in the delicate process of roasting coffee, from consistently checking the coffee at cupping through to brewing. Every coffee origin reacts differently and every bean is unique requiring Matt to run experiments in Coffee Planet’s cupping laboratory to find the most effective parameters, such as the fully-washed Sidamo coffee beans from Ethiopia which when roasted to Coffee Planet’s specific parameters release fragrant tangerines and butterscotch flavours.

Matt developed his passion for coffee whilst living in New Zealand where the coffee scene is rated as amongst the finest in the world. In 2000, Matt landed a role in London as trainer and went on to set up a busy london cafe bar, where his interest in the growing coffee culture evolved. He soon became familiar with the art involved in brewing and drinking coffee through working with baristas vying to make the perfect cup and interacting with coffee drinkers who are very selective in their choice.

Over the past twelve years, the growing coffee industry has taken Matt across the world, from farming and milling in El Salvador to pulling shots in small independent coffee shops in the U.S.A. He has built an acute understanding of the nature of coffee having followed and studied the intrinsic journey of the coffee berry across regions including Africa, Central and South America.

Matt’s in-depth understanding of coffee, from origin to final consumption, has seen him become a specialist in all elements of coffee-making, including agronomy – the science behind the art, farming to processing, milling and roasting. This skill set has led to an admirable collection of awards including runner’s up positions at the 2009 SCAE UKBC Coffee in Good Spirits and SCAA roasters Guild Annual Roast competitions. Matt also joined a panel of national and international cuppers as a judge at the ‘Cup of Excellence’ Costa Rica 2011 – the most esteemed award given out for top coffees.

With a SCAA Licensed Q-grading Certificate in the UAE, Matt is a specialist in green grading, roast identification, coffee cupping, sensory skills and sensory triangulation. His diverse collection of tools as a coffee professional, along with his acute understanding and passion for the historical, economical and cultural impact of coffee, is an asset to Coffee Planet and the region.

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UGEAFI is a local Non-Governmental development Organization created in March 1990 in the South of South- Kivu district in theDemocratic Republic of the Congoworking mainly in the field of Peace and Reconciliation, Agriculture, Breeding, Education, Gender and Environment.

In terms of production, from October 2005 to the present, on request of the people, UGEAFI organized the establishment of nurseries at Mutambala, Bibokoboko Lemera which has generated at least 400,000 plants to meet the needs of more than 2000 coffee growers at a rate of 200 plants per farmer. The seeds used are from the high-yielding cultivar Bourbon 139 (BM 139), purchased from the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Rwanda (ISAR) and distributed to farmers in the area.

UGEAFI now supports 2473 new and old coffee growers, including those that have not yet reached the stage of producing cherries. In total, over the past three years, only 1548 coffee producers from Mutambala, Bibokoboko and Lemera have produced and sold coffee. They have seen their incomes increased through the sale of 48,732.76 kg of parchment coffee in the local and international markets (19.2 tons).

Organization: UGEAFI accompanied the consolidation process of coffee farmers in 10 cooperatives by providing the legal texts governing among other statutes and rules of procedure. As a result, it gave them an initial training on the initiation and organization of cooperatives.

Marketing:  UGEAFI does not have expertise in the marketing of coffee. That is why it has seen fit to work with Twin, a British coffee import company, to market the coffee produced by the coffee growers and export at least one container (19.2 tonnes) during the 2011 campaign.

In this very same optic, the results of the analysis of  9 processed and prepared samples of coffee made ​​in Rwanda by the RWASHOSSCO LABORATORY under the guidance of Twin all showed good characteristics of basic taste (SCAA scale from 79 to 87 points out of 100). This sufficiently proves that there is real potential for farmers to produce fine coffees and coffee of specialty and quality (SCAA scale of 80 points or more).

During the last five years, we have worked to produce and sell the products of a good market in hopes to increase the safety of household incomes of those areas to reduce on the poverty since it has not only been the source of conflicts between the communities of Babembe, Banyamulenge and Bafuliru but it has also led to the recruitment of young people in local armed groups such as Mai -Mai and FRF in these regions.

However, there remain major challenges at several levels in the short, medium and long term that should not be underestimated. These challenges can be grouped in terms of technical, organizational and commercial.

On the technical side, the major problems lie on availing equipment, materials and logistics for the transportation of coffee in a timely manner. Also, the demand for coffee plants is increasing. Over 2000 households expressed the need to start new plants for their products to increase

Technicians of UGEAFI are accompanying them on techniques and farming methods, but lack appropriate training for capacity building in the Cherry collection, treatment, processing and packaging.

On the side of organization, the cooperatives of coffee farmers should be trained in management of cooperatives and the chain of production from coffee production up to its marketing. The Central Co-operative development in order to accompany the 10 cooperatives of coffee growers requires a mechanism for capacity building (training in marketing, management of the coffee at the local, regional and international level).

On the Commercial Side, it would be desirable to train cooperatives quickly, build the capacities of their Marketing systems and attain the processes to get the certification FLO. The combination of high quality with double certification organic and fair trade will provide a sustainable market with attractive premiums to producers.
To respond effectively and efficiently, UGEAFI launches this project in order to ensure the initial investment (in equipment, materials, training and certification) to ensure the production, processing and marketing of coffee is the sole object of improving the socio-economic living of  coffee producers in the region.


  • By 2012, coffee production is to increase from 19.2 to 38.4 tons of green coffee (merchant);
  • By 2012, 10 cooperatives of coffee farmers will have access to the best coffee markets and have acquired the certificate of Fair Trade (FLO);
  • By 2012, 2000 producers will have mastered the chain of production, processing and marketing of coffee and will have access to equipment and materials suitable for the production of coffee of the highest quality;
  • By 2012, the cooperative operations center is able to manage the operations of the entire chain from production up to the Export of coffee.


P.O Box: 6298 Bujumbura- Burundi
Cell phone:+25779616979.

DAEWON GSI is specialized in food processing machines since company’s establishing in 1970.

The company is the manufacturer of food processing machine but also supplier of technology and engineering on food processing industry.

For the coffee mill, DAEWON GSI supplies the several machines such as pre-cleaner, de-stoner, weighing machine, packaging machine but the main supplying machine is the color sorter machine.

DAEWON GSI’s NANTA ACE and PUBU KING series are advanced color sorter machine than the other model. These color sorter machines for coffee bean already supplied to many countries and the customers are satisfied with its performance.

DAEWON GSI’s accumulated experience in food processing industry will be a good solution for your company.


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Mobile : +82 10 4600 8437
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Adulina Coffee Exporter PLCADULINA COFFEE EXPORTER PLC is specialized in exporting High quality coffee with specialty for origin and cup profile. The company is an out come of a Parent company who has been exporting coffee since 1996 and has enjoyed the number ONE spot in volume of coffee exported and has won several awards of excellence in services and quality product.   ADULINA COFFEE EXPORTER PLC delivers the best quality coffee to consumer through its well integrated quality management and special commitment to its clients.

We can supply single origin or a mixture package from Washed or Sun Dried stocks with the following varieties: Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Limu, Djimmah and Lekempti and many other origins of Ethiopian Arabica coffee.


ADULINA COFFEE EXPORTER PLC has business relations with many clients from all over the world. The list includes some of the most prominent roasting and coffee trading companies.

We are ready to serve you through a business designed carefully to utilize the best interest of our customers.




Tel: +251 114 42 6020,

Fax: +251 114 42 59 47

Mob: +251 911 20 83 61



Nedbank Capital logoSpecialising in trade and commodity based financing solutions, Nedbank Capital’s Global Structured Trade and Commodity Finance team covers all aspects of trade and commodities from the procurement of raw commodities to production and consumption. The team is comprised of experienced individuals with the ability to design and implement innovative financial structures, providing our clients with a sustainable competitive edge in the markets in which they operate. Our clients include commodity importers, exporters and other trading companies. These clients are largely based in Africa, but also include European traders operating in sub – Saharan Africa. In serving them, we make a valuable contribution to the African continent.

For 2009, Nedbank Capital’s Global Structured Trade and Commodity Finance team won an award as one of the “Global Trade Review Best Deals for 2009,” for the FirstCape Vineyards transaction. Nedbank Capital was mandated to arrange, underwrite and fund the total facility, which is uniquely structured to cater for the company’s needs and provides financing from the initial harvesting of the grapes up to where the bottled wine is delivered to export markets.

In 2010, the team was awarded a GTR Best Deals award for its Plexus Cotton Limited’s trade finance facility. The facility enabled Plexus Cotton, a world class cotton trader, to finance cotton purchases from their important Southern African supply markets in Malawi and Mozambique.

Nedbank Capital is the investment banking business of the Nedbank Group, one of the four largest banking groups in South Africa. It is based at the Group’s head office in Sandton, Johannesburg, with large operational centres in Durban and Cape Town, as well as offices in London, Toronto, Namibia and Angola.

Please contact Sekete Mokgehle on +27 11 294 3046 for any

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Caturra CoffeeEstablished in 1994, Caturra Coffee is a highly commended South African coffee roaster, and an importer and specialist provider of coffee, tea and other industry specific products.

Caturra Coffee is renowned throughout Southern Africa for “africanising” the continental coffee culture by importing the finest African and international beans from approximately 12 countries and regions, including Costa Rica, Brazil and Columbia, carefully roasting them in an onsite German-manufactured drum roaster, Probat, at the Cape Town head office in Maitland.

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