By Angelique Karekezi

Rwanda Small Holder Specialty Coffee Company (RWASHOSCCO) was established in 2005, towards the end of PEARL/USAID project. The Idea was to leave behind a farmer’s umbrella organization or company that will handle all marketing and export logistics and strengthen the management and leadership of primary cooperatives. It is a farmer- owned marketing, exporting, and roasting company that also provides key services to Small Holder coffee cooperatives in Rwanda.

RWASHOSCCO Ltd is a limited company incorporated in the Republic of Rwanda. It is owned by 6 cooperatives; Bufundu Coffee (BufCoffee), Abahuzamigambi ba Maraba, KOAKAKA Karaba, all in the Southern province, COCAGI Gashonga, in the Western province, Dukundekawa Musasa, in the Northern province, and COCAHU Humure, in the Eastern province. These cooperatives employ around 13,600 coffee farmers.

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