COFFEE AND WINE Two Worlds Compared

Author: Morten Scholer


  • • A comprehensive study comparing the two products and the two sectors
  • • Morten was an advisor to the United Nations and has extensive experience working on coffee and wine projects
  • • Contains numerous illustrations, maps, tables and case studies

The first of its kind, Coffee and Wine is a comprehensive study and comparison of the growing, producing, marketing and consumption of the two beverages – from tree to cup and from vine to glass.

The book is full of surprises for most readers, whether they are beginners or professionals within the coffee or wine industries. Answering questions such as, why has the consumption of coffee dropped despite the growing number of coffee shops? And, why can more wine be produced from a tonne of red grapes than a tonne of white grapes? Morten explains the technical topics about the drinks using simple language, making the facts and figures accessible for all, from experts and professionals to consumers just enjoying coffee and wine

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