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The African Fine Coffees Conference & Exhibition is Africa’s largest coffee trade platform that – over the three days of the event – brings over 2000 regional and international coffee roasters, traders, producers, professionals and connoisseurs under one roof!

The event will have a fantastic line-up of: regional and internationally acclaimed speakers & trainers,IWCA breakfast,coffee field visits,sustainability forum,trainings & workshops, cupping pavilion andrecreational activities.

The wonderful exhibition area has increasingly been regarded as pivotal in providing a unique opportunity to exhibitors showcasing the best coffees and affiliated services and providing ample opportunity to network with coffee luminaries from all over the world. This will be the perfect platform for gathering valuable coffee information, building trade relations and buyer/seller interaction.

Host Country Ethiopia

Ethiopia – Land of Origins

As you explore Ethiopia, you will be put in touch with your own origins…for this is a Land of Origins
Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity, where we first walked on two legs.
…It is also the source of the Blue Nile, the great river whose power and fertility nurtured the origin of civilisation itself.
…And it is the origin of one of life’s greatest pleasures – COFFEE, Ethiopia’s gift to the world.

So come to Ethiopia and be enchanted by her extraordinary past and share in her dynamic present.
Come, and you will discover why Ethiopia is original in so many ways.


Thank you for attending the 18th African Fine Coffees Conference & Exhibition!

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One of AFCA’s great successes since being founded in 1999 is their annual African Fine Coffee Conference, which is held each year in a rotating member country, and attracts producers, buyers, roasters, and a wide range of other participants in the world of African coffee. The real value of the conference was found in the corridor conversations, new relationships, and the opportunity to engage directly with producers, exporters, and value chain actors who are often absent from other industry events and discussions. These factors alone ensure that the AFCA conference remains on the African coffee radar.

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