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Thank You from AFCA!

Thank you for taking part in the 20th African Fine Coffees Conference & Exhibition in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from February 6-10, 2024. The event wouldn’t have been possible without you! For presentations, please see this link. Note that not all presentations are shareable.

We look forward to seeing you in 2025 in Tanzania!

About the event

The African Fine Coffees Conference & Exhibition is Africa’s largest coffee trade platform, bringing together over 2,000 regional and international coffee professionals, including producers, traders, and roasters. Public and private sector officials, as well as governments and NGOs take part in the annual event.

This year, AFCA is excited to announce its partnership with the Inter-African Coffee Organization (IACO), the Robusta Coffee Agency of Africa and Madagascar (ACRAM), and the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA) for the grand occasion of hosting the event’s 20th edition in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from February 6th to 10th, 2024. The theme “Specialty Coffee at Origin” sheds light on the high quality coffees being grown and consumed in producing countries. It also invites coffee professionals to explore Ethiopia, the land of origins.

In this landmark 20th edition, the event promises a lineup of esteemed international and regional speakers, an expansive exhibition hall, engaging workshops, exclusive B2B cupping sessions, and vibrant social events! Additionally, we are proud to host the Africa Youth Barista Championship and the regional Taste of Harvest Competition.

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“For 17 consecutive years I have had the honor of speaking at the annual AFCA conferences to provide my world market outlook.   While I was tasked with sharing my market knowledge with attendees, the relationships fostered and learning outcomes from my attending the event year after year has been unsurpassed.  While the annual conference is something to look forward to each February,  participation, educational tools, and mentoring are now ongoing throughout the year providing continuous learning opportunities and skill building to members.”

Judith Ganes

President Ganes Consulting

“The annual AFCA conference in February has been a highlight every year since it began. The coming together of the Specialty industry on the continent to exchange ideas, celebrate excellence and build relationships – joined by a host of like-minded international visitors – has been a great source of inspiration and joy.”

Phil Schluter


One of AFCA’s great successes since being founded in 1999 is their annual African Fine Coffee Conference, which is held each year in a rotating member country, and attracts producers, buyers, roasters, and a wide range of other participants in the world of African coffee. The real value of the conference was found in the corridor conversations, new relationships, and the opportunity to engage directly with producers, exporters, and value chain actors who are often absent from other industry events and discussions. These factors alone ensure that the AFCA conference remains on the African coffee radar.

Sara Mason

“The African Fine Coffees Association has been an inspired and visionary establishment for over two decades. It continues to bring all African coffee stakeholders together from farmers to roasters under one umbrella to exchange ideas, learn, and support each other.Many international visitors conclude that this conference is the place to be every February, returning year after year. This association and conference will thrive as Africa fights for a better livelihood for its farmers and for its deserved position in the global coffee trade in an increasingly challenging global environment.”

Abdallah Bagersh

General Manager SA BAGERSH PLC, Ethiopia

“Attending AFCA Conference has allowed me to spend time with winners, talk to winners, and make friends with winners. The conversations are next-level different and have really helped me focus on what really matters in financing coffee value chains, deepening our impact and furthering our goals as an organization.”


Peter Onguka

Head of Lending - Africa Root Capital, Kenya

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