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Established in January 1978 under an Act of Parliament, KPA is mandated to manage and operate the Port of Mombasa and all scheduled seaports along Kenya’s coastline that include Lamu, Malindi, Kilifi, Mtwapa, Kiunga, Shimoni, Funzi and Vanga. In addition, the Authority manages Inland Waterways as well as Inland Container Depots at Embakasi, Eldoret and Kisumu.

​For years, Mombasa has been known as “the city of merchants”. Dating back to the times of Vasco Da Gama when Mombasa old port was being used for trade between the East Coast of Africa and the Far East. After the construction of the Kenya Uganda railways (1895-1902) a new port was born west of Mombasa island. Subsequently the Port became an increasingly busy trading post for the region. Due to its  strategic location, midway between South Africa and the gulf of Aden the Port has experienced tremendous traffic through the years.

The Port of Mombasa is the gateway to East and Central Africa, and is one of the busiest Ports along the East African coastline. The Port provides direct connectivity to over 80 Ports worldwide and is linked to a vast hinterland comprising Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia by road. A railway line also runs from the Port to Uganda and Tanzania.

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Haller Park is a nature park based in Mombasa, Bamburi along the Kenyan Coast. It was previously known as Bamburi Nature Trail. The recreation ground is located 12 km past the Kenyatta Public beach, next to Bamburi Cement factory, opp Nakumatt Supermarket. Haller is 25 minutes drive from Mombasa Town. The park is an ecological area which was transformed from a quarry wasteland. In this recreation ground, you will find various animal and plant species which serve as a recreation hub for the locals and tourists.

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Mombasa city tour visits the Fort Jesus, Old Town, Mombasa Tusks and the Market (known as Markiti in swahili). These are some of the best highlights of this colorful old port city.

Your tour will visit the bustling fruit and vegetable market, which has been in operation since colonial days. As you wander the streets of the Old Arab Town, you will see the intricate hand carved doors, and balconies hanging over the narrow streets, unchanged for hundreds of years.

Protecting the harbor stands Fort Jesus which was built by the Portuguese over 400 years ago to protect their interest in East Africa against Omani Arabs. See how it went from a fort to a prison, to a tourist attraction.

Walk under the famous elephant tusks on Moi Avenue, which you probably have seen in those old African adventure movies.