This year AFCA sought to improve the Business to Business Networking experience by allowing coffee stakeholders to have their coffees cupped.

As a result, 13 buyers cupped 15 member’s coffees (2 to 3 samples each) and 9 Ethiopian, Rwandan and Ugandan Women in Coffees (1 sample each).

We also held specialized cuppings for 9 Fairtrade coffees and 7 Rwanda Coffee Industry Coffees.

A total of 49 coffees from all over East Africa were cupped alongside 20 coffees from the National Taste of Harvest Competitions.

Interest to purchase over 25 containers or 1 million dollars’ worth of the East African Coffee was raised from the Event.

AFCA intends to keep holding this event every year at its conference alongside its Taste of Harvest pavilion.

For more information on how you can participate the next event in Kampala please contact –

Interest raised from this event in 2017:


number of women owned export companies that had their coffees cupped


number of containers to be purchased


amount in USD worth of East African coffee to be purchased