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The 2018 Africa Barista Challenge Competition will be held at the Exhibition Area alongside the 16th African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition in Kampala Uganda.

Highlights of this year’s competition:

  1. Latte Art Throw Down
  2. Guest Presentations from Kenya & South African Former Champions
  3. Panel Discussions
  4. Technical Equipment Sessions with Lamarzocco
  5. And of Course – the Battle for Africa’s Best Barista.

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What participants said about the first ever All Stars Event in Africa

“I feel like I just came from stone age like yesterday! I thought I knew a lot about espresso and extraction only to find I was so not yet there. I personally learnt a lot from the all-stars baristas especially on technical and sensory point of view. I was so inspired by the story behind their area of excellence and really, This has helped me a lot in my day to day chores. In preparation to the KNBC and WBC am so sure from what I learnt from the All-Stars that we do have a great opportunity to be among the top baristas in the world. I thank all who were involved in this eye opener opportunity and God bless you.”

Martin Shabaya1st Runner Up

“I learnt several things form the All Stars Competition. Most important for me was how to extract a great espresso by focusing more on the Dose, Yield and time. Those three factors play a very big role in order to get a great espresso I learnt not to give up no matter how many times you compete when you have a goal and vision you will always achieve. I also learnt that when coming up with a signature beverage not only looking at the flavors found in your coffees but also how to work with different ingredients which can improve the coffee and create a new taste profile.”

Mark Okutta2nd Runner Up