About the Expo

Our new & exciting coffee event is termed “The AFCA Specialty Coffee Expo” and is specific to driving domestic coffee consumption in Africa.

The event will take place annually and it will rotate within the AFCA member countries. This year’s expo will be held from 27th – 29th October 2020 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

The exhibition will be the heart of the event where cafés, roasters and importers from the consumer coffee market will showcase their coffees and build their brands, while setting up direct trade relationships with coffee producers in Africa.

Coffee trainings, workshops and talks by industry experts will take place within the exhibition area, enabling interactive participation, learning and business growth opportunities.

Some of the trainings and workshops will include; coffee roasting, alternative brewing methods, café trends, lessons from Ethiopia, how to open your first café, building your brand, direct trade advice and the AFCA barista retreat.

The event will attract many industry players such as baristas, roasters, café owners, machine and equipment suppliers and importers among others.

Save the date now and join Africa’s largest Specialty Coffee Expo!

Our world-class Conference Speakers & Trainers

For now, meet last year’s speakers; speakers for this year’s event will be presented here as and when they are confirmed.

Thanks for attending our first ever Specialty Coffee Expo in Zanzibar!

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