Nandi Jordan has an Environmental Development degree from the University of Stellenbosch and worked extensively at coffee origins across Africa. She studied the context and coffee value chains of African origins from 2014-2018 and obtained her Q Grading and Q Processing qualifications from the Coffee Quality Institute in America. Nandi has extensive exposure from crop to cup through working with numerous African cooperatives, washing stations, drying stations, corporations, exporters and international importers, and set up direct trade relations with an international specialty coffee roastery, of which she later became the regional Managing Director.

Nandi has been involved in barista and coffee judging, training, sourcing, grading, import/export operations and certifications, and currently runs all coffee programs as Chief Operations Officer for the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA). AFCA’s 5 year strategic goal is to build a Sustainable Resurgence of the African Coffee Industry through driving domestic coffee consumption in Africa and creating a World Class Coffee Institute, which delivers flagship coffee programs such as the annual AFCA Coffee Conference & Exhibition and the African Taste of Harvest Competition & Auction, aimed at creating new market linkages, improving coffee production and that of increased quality.