Teopista (Teo) has had a distinct career as an advocate and promoter of coffee development. Currently she is the Founder and Manager of Jogo Coffee Nursery, Family Fashion Boutique and Chief Coordinator for the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Uganda Chapter.

Teo brings 20 years of coffee development experience across the value chain, a journey she started while at University. Prior to starting private business, Teopista worked as a Coffee Quality Controller and Branch Manager with renowned coffee exporters, namely Volcafe and Ecom Trading in Uganda. She later joined the USAID/Uganda Livelihoods and Enterprises for Agricultural Development (LEAD) Project as a Coffee Specialist from 2009 t0 2012. The USAID/Uganda LEAD project supported the development of Fine Robusta protocols in Uganda. Later, Teo served as Coffee Development Officer with Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi) in Uganda, from 2012 to 2016. Teo is a Q Grader and is a member of the Uganda National Coffee Steering Committee.

She supports, lobbies and advocates for women’s economic empowerment, across all coffee value chains. At present, she is doing this through her current work, coordinating the activities of the IWCA Uganda Chapter. Teo is an Advisor to small and medium-sized organizations. She mentors emerging professionals along the coffee value chain in Uganda.

Teo holds a bachelor’s degree of Food Science and Technology of Makerere University. She enjoys travel, reading, fashion trends and watching movies during her free time. She lives in Kampala Uganda.