On Thursday, 15th October, I&M marked one hundred years of existence since Isadore and Mark Smith registered the company in Johannesburg and started trading. On this date, the company Directors together with the staff hosted a celebratory Cocktail Party and dinner.

The guests in attendance were one hundred and seven in number including close commercial friends and family who travelled more than a thousand Kilometers to join us at the Wanderers Club in Illovo, Johannesburg for the celebration. Not only was it a time of celebrating I&M, it was also an opportunity for the attendees to network and meet new people.

Who we are

I & M Smith (Pty.) Limited is a South African based company which has been trading since October 1915 and in this respect, is presently within its centenary year.   The company trades worldwide and has over these many years, built up a strong and reliable reputation with global tea and coffee producers, local rooibos producers and global tea packers, coffee roasters and rooibos packers.

The company functions as an importer of bulk teas and coffees for the Southern African industries from the Central and South American, African and Asian producer countries, while buying teas and coffees from producers in Africa and rooibos from within South Africa, for shipment to clients in North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.    The company sports Fair trade and Organic Certification for Tea, Coffee and Rooibos and is likewise registered as a trader of Tea, Coffee and Rooibos with Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified, while being a member of 4 C Coffee Association.

Aside from the companies support for sustainable teas, coffees and rooibos, the company has always been an active member of both the African Fine Coffees Association (formerly EAFCA) and the specialty Coffee Association of Southern Africa.  Participating in all the activities of these associations, in their bid to forward the growth and fortunes of the African coffee industry.

With the company’s good history within the agricultural industry in Africa, the company has separately developed an agricultural machinery division, which represents manufactures of machinery related to the coffee and tea farming industries. Including in terms of the company’s regional central and South African relationship with Pinhalense Brazil, for coffee wet and dry processing and grading equipment, along with the other fine processing equipment that Pinhalense supply.