Balmoral Farm is family run and family owned – we have been farming here since the 1980’s! Originally purchased by my grandfather (Simon Zukas) from the Zambezi Ranching Corporation it has been transformed from a cattle ranch into a thriving mixed farming enterprise. We are on a high plateau with well drained sandy loam soils.

The farm is located just outside the capital city of Lusaka where the climate is suitable for coffee as the altitude in this area is relatively high at almost 1300m above sea level.

We started growing coffee on the farm in the 1990’s and we pioneered the first use of a centre pivot to irrigate coffee in Zambia.

Currently, we grow 26 Ha of coffee, all Arabica of the Cat 129 variety. Plant populations vary as we trial what works best in our conditions.

We endeavour to produce high quality and high-value coffee products, fully washed and sometimes pulped natural for our quality discerning clientele.

Coffee being labour intensive means we provide employment in a country which has a very high unemployment rate. It is also good in mitigating climate change, particularly in Zambia where we are witnessing deforestation due to cultural farming systems that entail cutting of trees and burning them to make new farmland available and also the production of charcoal as an alternate and cheap source of household fire energy for cooking.

We are proud of what we do on Balmoral Farm and will continue to work closely with the community to achieve our goals.

Postal Address:
PO Box CA 07
Castle, Lusaka

S. Zukas (Chairman)
A. Zukas
S. Kambiambia Zukas

Cell: 097 4034071