Dr Joseph K. Kimemia a coffee specialist who holds a PhD in Crop Science. He has worked at Coffee Research Foundation for over the last 28 years (10 of which he was the CEO/Director of Research) till May 2015 when he was transferred to the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation  (KALRO) headquarters to be in charge of Planning, performance Management and Quality Control. However he is still very active in coffee and is involved in several activities both locally and internationally.  Kimemia also worked as a Farming Systems Agronomist in the ASAL of Kenya for six years and Agronomist for High Altitude maize program in Kenya for two years. He has worked as an agronomist in coffee research mainly in intercropping systems, shade in coffee, organic coffee production, introduction in new coffee areas and adaptation for climate change. Dr. Kimemia has also been involved in certification programs in coffee. Results from his work have led to recommendations that farmers are currently using. While being the CEO he was instrumental in the development and release of the disease resistant Arabica Coffee variety Batian.  He has published extensively and given motivational speeches to coffee in the farmers in the region. He is a member of the Core Team of the Technical Committee of Global Coffee Platform where he has contributed in the review for the 4C Code. He is also active in the Technical committee of World Coffee Research (WCR). He is currently the Chairman African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) Kenya Chapter and a member of the AFCA Board