Guarany is a traditional Brazilian company established in São Paulo since 1923. Developing its own technology and complying to the key international standards, Guarany can offer a complete line of certified products for different applications in horticulture, agriculture, environmental health, forestry and fire fighting.

Over the years we have expanded our activities to more than 70 countries through a consolidated knowledge in Phyto-protection and Phyto-nutrition, among other specialties.

Our long-term collaboration with national and international institutes and world organizations, such as FAO and WHO, has allowed us to transmit the best concepts and responsible practices to the field focusing safety and comfort to the operators of our equipment besides efficacy.

Actually, a wide range of equipment is available for different situations / needs as well as integrated solutions for coffee farmers around the world, especially in Africa.

Our commitment to environmental issues for more than 30 years and to social responsibility has gained international recognition due to the many projects designed to provide awareness, education and good examples in various communities.

It is our sincere desire to add value to coffee farmers in Africa by participating of this important coffee network and platform.