NATASHA WALLACE has over 25 years of international coffee and tea experience. She joined I & M Smith (Pty) Ltd., a coffee and tea trading company in 1991. Her initial introductory focus was in Quality Assurance which was enhanced through international exposure to organoleptic and cupping evaluation training.  Her experience within the company complimented in the early years by extensive origin country trips to learn more about coffee and tea production, logistics and trade, as well as regular visits to coffee and tea producer and consumer countries, covering South and Central America, North America, Africa, U.K., North and Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East, as well as extensive travel in her own home country, South Africa.  Today, Natasha is a partner and Director of the company with experience in many fields of management; trade, finance, strategic risk management, logistics, organoleptic skills, human resources and information technology.  The company I & M Smith (Pty) Ltd, will celebrate 102 years of trading in Southern Africa, in 2017.