Learn more about the Brazilian coffee sector with the assistance of experienced consultants!


P&A/Pinhalense and TravelBox in partnership with the African Fine Coffees Association offer this incredible opportunity to experience all aspects of coffee growing, harvesting and processing thought guided visits to relevant Arabica and Robusta coffee producing areas in Brazil.

The group will witness successful cases of small and medium-sized coffee growers, which have managed to increase coffee productivity to levels above the Brazilian national average of 23 bags/hectare (Arabica) and 30 bags/hectare (Robusta/Conilon).  There will also be an organized visit to Pinhalense, world leading coffee processing equipment manufacturer, to see how the machines are designed and assembled.

Visitors will have a chance to see the day-to-day operations of the typical Brazilian coffee farm including the production techniques employed, the harvesting technologies used, including hand-held harvesters, the processing stages and equipment required (in order to obtain natural, semi-washed and washed coffees) and many other factors that contribute to higher performance, yields, and quality of coffee and sustainability of the grower.


For a group of 5 participants, the price payable (subject to change) is: US$ 3.640,00 per person.

Recreio Estate CoffeeTravel Itinerary

11/07 – transfer from Guarulhos airport / hotel in San Paulo;

11 to 12/07 – hotel in SP: Tryp Higienópolis, single room (breakfast not included)

12/07 – visits to coffee shops in São Paulo; transfer to Pinhal at end of day

12 to 14/07 – hotel in Pinhal: Villa do Poeta, single room (breakfast included)

13/07 – visits to coffee areas / visits to P&A and Pinhalense

14/07 – visits to coffee areas

15/07 – visits to coffee areas / transfer to Campinas airport at end of day

15/07 – flight with Azul Airline: Campinas 19:05 / Vitória (Espírito Santo) 20:48;

15 to 17/07 – Hotel in Vitória: Hotel Mercure Vitória, apto single (breakfast included)

16/07 – visits to Robusta coffee areas

17/07 – visit and meeting about Robusta; transfer to Vitória Airport in the afternoon


Weekend stay in Rio before departure (end of coffee agenda/ no consultants)

17/07 – flight with Tam Airline: Vitória 17:30 / Galeão (Rio de Janeiro) 18:41

17/07 – transfer Galeão Airport / hotel in Rio de Janeiro

17 to 19/07 – hotel in Rio de Janeiro: Hotel Pestana Rio Atlântica, apto single (breakfast included)

18/07 – city tour in Rio de Janeiro (English-speaking guide); free time afterwards

19/07 – free time; transfer hotel / Galeão Airport


*Breakfast included in Pinhal, Vitória and Rio de Janeiro (not included in São Paulo)

To register please write to;

Martin Maraka

Program Manager

African Fine Coffees Association

martin.maraka@africanfinecoffees.org and cc secretariat@africanfinecoffees.org