From 15th – 17th February 2016, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia will host the 15th African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition (AFCC & E) at the Millennium Hall under the theme: “Reshaping the African Coffee Industry for Productivity & Investment”

What is the African Fine Coffees Conference & Exhibition?

The African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition is Africa’s Largest Coffee Trade Platform that brings over 2000 regional and international coffee roasters, traders, producers, professionals and connoisseurs under one roof. Delegates hail from all over the world namely Germany, South Africa, Israel, USA, Switzerland, Japan, China, The
Netherlands and Italy.

The first African Fine Coffees Conference and Exhibition was held in February 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya to attempt to strengthen the producer – buyer relationships. Since the then the conference has grown immensely with over 2000 attendees at the 14th AFCC & E held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in February 2016.

The conference provides a fantastic line up of internationally acclaimed speakers and a wonderful exhibition area vital to companies showcasing the best coffees and affiliated services. The conference is the Africa’s leading platform for gathering valuable coffee information, building trade relations and buyer and seller interaction. The conference
further provides delegates with a unique opportunity to celebrate the host country’s unique coffees and beauty through its coffee safaris and themed side social events.

Theme “Reshaping the African Coffee Industry for Productivity & Investment” Coffee, as a commodity, has continued to play a leading role in the economy of Ethiopia, contributing between 24% to 26% of it’s economy. It is also a source of income of a quarter of the population of Ethiopia. Even at the world renowned Ethiopia Commodity Exchange it contributes over 43% of the volume and 60% of the value of all commodities traded.

The Ethiopian industry has seen several million dollar investments into the sector over the last five years along the entire value chain. This conference will seek to understand lessons we can learn from Ethiopia as well as other active investors in the region on their long term view of the African Coffee and why Productivity is going to be key for
Africa in the next 10 years.


  1.  Visit the Birthplace of Coffee
  2. Over 80 Exhibitors from Around the World
  3. Cup 40 of the Top Coffees from Around Africa
  4. Over 140 Business to Business Meetings between Buyers and Sellers
  5. Over 20 Top Notch Presenters and Discussions
  6. Make 100s of Coffee Friendships to last for a lifetime!