16th – 18th June 2015

Gotherburg, Sweden.


Preparations by the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) for the Annual World of Coffee Conference & Exhibition scheduled for 16th – 18th June 2015 in Gotherburg, Sweden are currently in full gear.

AFCA, a registered member of the SCAE would like to once again invite interested AFCA members to register for this annual event as part of the AFCA delegation.

  1. Secure your Cupping Slot Now for only $1,100; For the first time ever, AFCA invites members for only 1,100 USD to secure a two hour cupping slot for their coffees in the AFCA booth. These coffees will be cupped along winning Taste of Harvest coffees from around the region.

AFCA Booth Number: B12

All coffees to be showcased must be backed by lots and of the top quality.

Confirmation Deadline: 28th May 2015

2. Free Entrance for Cupping Slot Participants: Each cupping slot participant/member will be entitled to 2 free additional spots under the AFCA umbrella.

 3. Promotional Material: Each Cupping slot participant is free to bring along one Pull-Up Banner to be displayed in the booth during the event. Participants are advised to clearly label all  promotional items as “Promotional: Not for Sale”.

Contact Person: Faith Asaji – TOH/ABC Coordinator;

4. Visa support letter: AFCA is able to assist by providing participants with visa facilitation letters if required by your visa issuing body.. To enable us process this,, please provide us with the following personal details:

  • full name (as it appears on passport)
  • date of birth
  • citizenship
  • passport number
  • date and place of issue of passport
  • date of expiry of passport
  • name of employer
  • job title / designation
  • phone number
  • postal address of your Swedish Embassy / Consulate


  • All members are requested to make their own travel and hotel accommodation arrangements for the event. You can visit the SCAE website information on recommended hotels.
  • Please, visit the website of the Swedish Embassy in your country for details on how to apply for a Swedish/EU Visa, and do so as early as possible, if possible more than 1 month to the event.
  • Contacts at SCAE – Jens H Thomsen, Exhibition & Sponsorship Coordinator at

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