Enjoy this extract from a brilliant artihomepagecle “Entrepreneurship in a Mug” by Arancha Gonzalez, the Executive Director of the International Trade Centre in the Huffington Post

“In fact, sometimes all it takes to connect entrepreneurs to overseas buyers is to get them into the same room. Last month, ITC helped a group of women coffee producers from countries across Africa prepare for and attend the Africa Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition in Nairobi. At the event, they struck preliminary commitments with impressed new buyers worth an estimated US $1.6 million.

That may not sound like a lot compared to the latest Silicon Valley valuation, but it is equivalent to 360 tonnes of coffee — enough to fill 20 shipping containers. More to the point, once the deals are finalized, they will represent real money — and real income, jobs, and opportunities — in the women’s home countries of Burundi, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The sales are proof that with better market positioning, branding, and processing, jobs in the agriculture sector can provide a decent future. This is all the more important as many youth are fleeing rural penury to inhabit the burgeoning slums of cities that struggle to accommodate them.”

To read for on this article please visit – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arancha-gonzalez/entrepreneurship-in-a-mug_b_6840028.html?utm_hp_ref=what-is-working-small-businesses