What is it like working at the UCDA and what is your role there?

I am Patricia Birungi Kamukama the current Ugandan national cup tasters champion and semi-finalist at the 5th World Cup Taster’s Challenge (WCTC), I work as a Documentation Officer and System Administrator. Besides these, I do others work such as cupping, Barista among others, UCDA is a great working environment where we do work as a team and it is such an amazing experience where one gets opportunities to interact with coffee people from all over

What was your experience like at the World Cup Taster Challenge?

My experience at the WCTC was a quite interesting one, first and foremost I went with a winning mentality just like the saying that goes “winners never quit and quitters never win” so being a national winner I had that zeal to go and do my best and represent my country that is why I managed to reach the semi-finals . Otherwise I got to taste great coffees which I highly appreciated because of the different peculiar flavors they had.

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