cafeThe Café Africa team is happy to share with you a link for the recently approved coffee extension materials developed with the support of aBI Trust, that CAU is hosting on behalf of the Uganda National Coffee Platform as agreed by the National Steering Committee in February this year:

CAU is also about to begin an IDH funded District Coffee Extension Pilot  (DCEP II) to roll-out and test the materials in 6 pilot districts, in which 30 agronomists per district (180 in total) will be trained in the use of the coffee extension materials.  An end of project evaluation of the DCEP II will be shared with stakeholders to provide for continuous improvement in extension services material development and revision and ultimately a national roll-out of coffee extension services across the Country.

This year will also see another round of the annual coffee shows in 6 districts of 5 regions of the Country – a total of 30 coffee shows are presently funded.  CAU continues to support District Steering Committees in the preparation and coordination of the coffee shows and encourages all stakeholders to be actively involved in these important events.

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