Theme: “Underscoring Stakeholder Roles in Achieving Uganda’s Coffee Vision 2020”

by Agaba Ronald, Uganda Coffee Federation


Over the past years, the Government of Uganda has maintained the momentum of improving the incomes and livelihood of the people of Uganda through a number of initiatives.

In the agricultural sector, the Government adopted the Commodity Approach which prioritized coffee as one of the cash crops whose production and productivity should be enhanced. In 2015, the Government revised its earlier targets of planting 300 million coffee trees and reaching export of at least 4.5 million bags by 2018 to producing 20 million 60-kg bags of coffee by 2020 and thus the Vision 2020. This drive is being spearheaded by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) in collaboration with Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Local Governments (LGs), Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) and the Private Sector.

A stakeholders meeting was subsequently held to explore opportunities for scaling up national coffee output from 3 to 20 million 60-kg bags by 2020 (Understand the issues around the coffee output scale up and appreciate the associated resource quantum and mix for the scale up) and also familiarize the stakeholders with the Big Fast Results Methodology as a way of achieving the goals.

Background of the Coffee Day

The Coffee industry in Uganda has been celebrating the Coffee Day since 2010 on the 1st Thursday of October to coincide with the new coffee year. The themes for the Coffee Day have centred on topical issues of the industry ranging from Production, youths and women participation and climate change among others.

In March 2014, the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) with its 77 Member countries designated October 1st as the International Coffee Day and was launched in Milan, Italy. This is a day for celebrating coffee in all its diversity, enjoying the passion that coffee creates as well as taking the opportunity to inform consumers about coffee as a product and promoting the Organizations’ roles in this huge and important industry.


Following the government’s commitment towards achieving 20m bags by the year 2020, this event will among other things purpose to achieve

  • Clear understanding of stakeholders in the sector.
  • Emphasizing collaborations between and amongst actors.
  • Attracting the youth into the sector through introducing them to various types coffee beverages to be served during the event.
  • Increased commitment of the private sector towards the government vision.

Desired Outcomes

Our desired outcome is stakeholder’s commitment towards the realization of the vision 2020.


  • Speeches from selected speakers – Keynote speaker, Guest of Honor, Coffee Exporter, Coffee Farmers;
  • Promoting domestic coffee consumption;
  • Exhibition from various stakeholders;
  • Entertainment and Networking.


Uganda is the youngest nation in the world with majority of our population below 30 years, we wish to introduce coffee to this young generation because they are the game changers and for sustainability.


  • Uganda Coffee Football Cup
  • Press conference, media interviews and press release.
  • Social Media Session #CoffeeChatUg


The Coffee industry in Uganda can ably achieve the Vision 2020 however, we need to identify the lead changes that can be realized within the existing structures and mindsets in the short term. Then adopt a shared sense of urgency, experimentation and reflection on the new concepts to find direction and develop inspiring approaches that can foster long term change in the future that is not feasible now thereby ensuring sector sustainability.