Once a year Africa’s Top Barista’s Travel to the World Barista Championship to show their skills and let the world know that Africa is on its way up to the top!

We congratulate them on representing the continent at the 2015 WBC Event!  We invite you all to watch their performances courtesy of the world coffee events.

This year three participants represented Africa namely;

download (1)Ishan Natalie

Company – TRIBECA Coffee Company

Country – South Africa

See his presentation here – http://livestream.com/worldcoffee/events/3952873/videos/83458732



Mark Okudownload (2)ta

Company – Royal Suites

Country – Uganda

See his presentation here – http://livestream.com/worldcoffee/events/3952873/videos/83454368



martin-shabaya-kenya-baristaMartin Shabaya

Company – Artcafe Coffee and Bakery

Country – Kenya

See his presentation here – http://livestream.com/worldcoffee/events/3952840/videos/83334574