Name: Balam Hinyula

Company – Rafiki Coffee Ltd

Country – Tanzania


  1. southern-highlands-1What makes Tanzanian Coffee Stand out?

-Its blight citric acidity, sharp and berry like flavor. Also being having chocolate like and smooth milky body with lovely finish.

  1. The Best Tanzanian Coffee you have ever drank or cupped?

Itende JKT. This is the best coffee I have cupped. It has a very berry like flavor with sharp citric acidity and honey like in finish.

  1. range-roverIf Tanzania Coffee were a Car, which car would it be?

Would be a Range Rover, comfortable, relaxation and super high quality as well. You always feeling good and comfort when on it.

  1. Your Perfect Blend of Tanzanian Coffees for the Readers.

-The blend of southern highlands and northern together creates a very perfect cup with a well-balanced flavor attributes, a very smooth and consistency milky body . You get all your expectations in a best cup of coffee that you need for your better life and health as well.