Name: James Dargan

Company: Tembo Coffee Company

Country – Tanzania

  1. Espresso, Filter Coffee or Cappuccino – How do you like your Tanzania Coffee? & Why?

I enjoy French press coffees at home and at the office. The press is a convenient and quick way to enjoy a cup of coffee and lends well to the light roast of the laboratory.

  1. What do you Love Most about Tanzania as a country?

The people and climate. Tanzania has some of the friendliest people around and the perfect climate for living and growing coffee. The southern highlands are especially true for this; the towns aren’t too big and the high altitude keeps the weather nice year round.

  1. What makes TZ so special among international buyers?

Tanzania has a huge potential for quality coffee. Arable, uncultivated land is plentiful and with the right incentives farmers will plant more trees. The commercial grades (FAQ/AMEX) offer a great value for roasters looking to put some East African coffee into their blend and the premium coffees can stand up against the best coffees from any region.