EAFCA has finally embarked on the fully fledged Women in Coffee Program. This program was approved by the board of directors at the board meeting held in Kampala Uganda from 15th to 17th April 2011.

This program arose out of the growing need to address problems faced by Women in the Coffee value chain. In order to address these issues adequately from the grass root levels and in all EAFCA country chapters, there was need for a structure in EAFCA which will enable this to be done efficiently. This structure would feature and raise representation at decision making levels to increased female participation in trainings

The Women in Coffee Program will seek to highlight the following the following 5 areas;

  1. Representation on the Women in Coffee at board level: This has already been implemented and the Women in Coffee Board representative who was appointed by the EAFCA board of Directors is – Sarah Alison Schach who doubles as the South African Board member.
  1. Women in coffee Representatives at the local chapter levels: EAFCA has been in the process of selecting women in coffee representatives on the Chapter Committee. Some of the EAFCA chapters have already selected their representatives
  • South Africa: Sarah Schach from W.M.Cahn (PTY) LTD
  • Burundi: Euphrasie  Mashwabure from BECABU
  • Malawi: Caroll Wenzi  from Coffee Traders Limited
  • Uganda : Rhona Ndiwalungi from Africa Coffee Academy
  • Tanzania: Fatima Faraji from Finca Estates
  • Zambia: Teija Lublinkhof from Marika Coffee roasting plant
  • Kenya: Cecillia Kathurima from Coffee Research foundation,
  • Rwanda: Numutako Emmy Kamaladi

It is hoped that the rest of the Chapters will have selected their representative by the end of the EAFCA Financial Year.

  1. EAFCA is aiming at increasing the participation of the women in all the EAFCA activities to at least 30 % representation over a four year period. Women in coffee representatives will immensely boost and support the mobilization and participation of the Women in these activities by liaising with EAFCA.  A major focus will be put on the Taste of Harvest Competition where EAFCA intends to highlight the coffees produced by organizations managed by Women. These coffees will then be show cased and details sent to our partners/marketed as a special category of Coffees produced by the Women.
  1. EAFCA is also aiming at increasing the visibility of the women through the e-quarterly magazine & blog. We hope to highlight stories and run articles of Women in Coffee from around the EAFCA region.
  1. EAFCA Women in Coffee Days: EAFCA plans trainings in for example cupping, barista or any other training that the Women feel will be useful to them. This will go hand in hand with presentations regarding, business planning skills and financial literacy. This will aimed at helping the women get more skills beyond growing and picking of coffee which most of them do and help them appreciate their coffee more and be more equipped to run the coffee business.

EAFCA will seek to work hand in hand with the National Coffee Boards, International Women in Coffee Alliance and any other bodies and organizations that support women with in the coffee value chain.

In spite of the fact that most of these activities are aimed at promoting the women, men are not excluded from them especially the trainings which would be very beneficial to all. EAFCA would therefore, like to encourage both the men and women to work together for better results.

For more details on this program and how you can be a part of it, please contact;

Barbra Nafuna
EAFCA Women in Coffee Representative
Email: barbra@eafca.org