• About Us

Founded in July 2000, the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) is a regional non profit, non political, member-driven association representing coffee sectors in 11 member countries.

The Secretariat is hosted in Kampala, Uganda.

AFCA members include both private and public sector coffee stakeholders including producers, exporters, international importers, roasters, policy makers, transporters and trade representatives.

AFCA has an 11-member board of directors representing each of the AFCA country membership.


Our Core Activities

A. Trade & Market Expansion

  • International Promotional Events
    AFCA facilitates member attendance at premier specialty coffee events held worldwide to promote and prominently feature their finest coffees. Additionally, AFCA annually hosts the African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition.
  • Trade Missions
    AFCA organizes trade missions for its members to selected target markets to enhance market linkages and build business relations.
  • Market Linkages & Business Relationships (“African Coffee Connection” events & Coffee Clubs)
    AFCA hosts and organizes the “African Coffee Connection” networking functions at international coffee events in coffee consuming countries to enhance market linkages through networking and building of trade relations. AFCA also hosts “Coffee Clubs” in AFCA member countries to facilitate networking among members.
  • Coffee Auctions
    AFCA is currently in the process of researching on feasibility of hosting regional coffee auctions.

B. Product & Quality Enhancement

  • National Coffee Cupping Competitions
    AFCA organizes and conducts annual national coffee cupping competitions (regional Taste of Harvest events) to promote awareness of fine coffee within member countries and enhance coffee quality.
  • African Taste of Harvest Competition
    The national coffee cupping competitions held in each member country, culminate in the African Taste of Harvest competition held at the annual African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition, where the winning coffees from each country are submitted for judging.
  • Capacity Building / Trainings
    Training workshops are held regularly on country and regional basis in marketing, quality enhancement, grading, cupping, brewing etc.
  • National Barista Championships
    AFCA disseminates positive information about coffee consumption in Africa and sponsors National Barista Championships to promote proper coffee brewing, its appreciation and domestic consumption.

Our Functions


  • Create an economic hub through the development of a network of specialty coffee importers/exporters.
  • Lead the development of an Eastern African Specialty Coffee Exchange.


  • Promote quality from tree to cup through vigorous education programs.
  • Issue certification of grades and origin that will be recognized throughout the industry.
  • Facilitate the production, certification and market linkages for Fair Trade Labelling Organization (FLO) and organic certified coffee.


Act as an advocacy body to promote coffee-friendly policies in all countries. AFCA wants to make trade with specialty producers a business friendly proces


Promote African specialty coffees to the consuming public.


Coordinate with regional and global research institutions concerning the introduction of new varieties concerning the introduction of new varieties, disease prevention, and value addition.

Smallholder Focused

Assure that smallholder producers gain fair value from the market for their specialty produce.

Our Goals

Co-ordination and facilitation of Common AFCA Promotion Programs

  • AFCA will coordinate joint coffee promotion programs, most of which are too expensive for the individual countries.
  • AFCA will also put in place an information system and will spearhead the development of the East African Specialty Coffee Exchange.

Co-ordination of specialist committees and task forces

  • AFCA will work for the common good of the members and the industry in the region, and bring together professionals, specialists and others in finding solutions to problems in the industry.

Helping growers’ organizations and associations in as much as it is possible in the realisation of the AFCA dream

AFCA will work towards the establishment of Grower and Business Support systems that will enhance the performance of the producers and improve efficiency in market access.

Facilitation and promotion of policy dialogue with regional and local Governments as economic integration advances

AFCA will play a coordination role in policy dialogue, and as an advocate for policy reform and implementation for the benefit of the members

Standardization and harmonization of practices and activities of common interest

AFCA will play a role in pursuing issues that affect the logistics and business environment related to coffee and which are of common interest to all members – including certification, export documentation, taxation, duties, freight rates, grading systems, etc.

Liaison between the Trade and Coffee Research Networks in the region

To work closely with the Eastern African research network, also known as CORNET [Coffee Research Network] and ASARECA to explore ways to improve coffee quality through science and to meet the needs and requirements of the market and consolidate this through partnerships with the trade.

Promotion of domestic consumption

AFCA will coordinate with regional coffee roasters, retailers, coffee shops, cafes and others on how best to improve domestic consumption (in the EAC and COMESA regions), and promote the development of a positive coffee culture.