Ethiopia 2024

Thank You from AFCA!

Thank you for taking part in the 20th African Fine Coffees Conference & Exhibition in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from February 6-10, 2024. The event wouldn’t have been possible without you! For presentations, please see this link. Note that not all presentations are shareable.

We look forward to seeing you in Tanzania in 2025!


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Founded in July 2000, the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) is a regional non profit, non political, member-driven association representing coffee sectors in 11 member countries.

East African coffees have it all. See why:

U.S. coffee consumers gush about the floral notes and brightness of East African brews. U.S. coffee roasters consistently list East African countries as home to their favorite lots of specialty beans. Last year the U.S. became the top purchaser of Kenyan coffee. The USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub helped drive the market linkages that led to increased sales and facilitated six U.S. buyers missions to East African countries to help buyers source the coffee their consumers crave. Watch our video to learn why East African coffees are so special.

Video courtesy of EAST AFRICAN TRADE HUB

Member of the Month

Every month, AFCA proudly features here the profiles of several of our members.


East African coffees have it all. See why:

Courtesy of USAID EATradeHub

Have you had your Cup of Kenyan Coffee?

Courtesy of USAID EATradeHub

Looking to source coffee from Ethiopia?

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Uganda Coffee

Courtesy of Uganda Coffee Development Authority

The African Fine Coffees Review Magazine

This rich magazine provides a wealth of insight and content into the African Coffee industry like no other! Enjoy!!

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