Why advertise with us?

  1. The AFCA blog & e-magazine are rapidly becoming one of the most innovative, informative and read blogs in the regional and African coffee industry.
  2. Our blog & e-magazine are rich with vital AFCA coffee information, facts and research drawing a wealth of coffee specialists and stakeholders guaranteeing you a wide & informed readership base throughout the coffee value chain and its supporting sub sectors.
  3. Although our membership is concentrated in 11 African member countries, our growth has seen our membership expand overseas to USA,  UAE, Switzerland, Italy, Yemen, Japan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, India, France and South Korea. Our membership still continues to grow!
  4. We distribute the e-magazine free of charge to our entire membership database while our blog is freely accessible around the world.
  5. Our e-magazineis distributed throughout the course of the year, which means that your company gets maximum exposure in all our member countries.
  6. The overall benefits of cross border exposure greatly outweigh the cost of advertising and is invaluable in helping to penetrate the international & regional market.
  7. One would also recognize the need especially in this age of globalization to invest in areas that have a massive impact (wide circulation) in the market while keeping costs down.
  8. With coffee being the region’s biggest income earner for millions of families directly and indirectly and greatly contributing towards the countries’ economies, you (the advertiser) can be proud in supporting an organization that promotes a crop that plays such a huge role in the region’s development.

To advertise with us please contact:

Phiona Mbabazi,
Conference & Membership Officer