What we do

Beautiful Coffee Rwanda (BCR) is a fair-trade social enterprise in coffee business. BCR is supporting partnership program with coffee farmers to build a sustainable business model together. We introduce them the concept of fair trade and other certifications which is needed to enhance the capacity to find better international buyers.

Our Cooperatives

We are supporting four small Cooperatives called COOCAMU coffee, BWISHAZA Coffee, GISHYITA Coffee, and KARORA Coffee, harvesting 100% Arabica Bourbon Coffee. Our coffee beans are grown around Lake Kivu: Karongi and Rustiro Districts, Western Province of Rwanda.

This region has not only breathtaking sceneries but also has perfect conditions for making rich flavored coffee due to highly fertile soils from volcanic minerals.


10, KG 9 Ave, Nyarutarama
Kigali, Rwanda
Email address: bcoffeerwanda@gmail.com