Company Profile

Honorable Thoughts is a company dedicated to specialty coffee, based in Seoul, South Korea. We began our first retail store, The Chamber, in 2013 with one mission in mind: serving specialty coffee with honorable stubbornness. This means no compromise in the entire process of presenting that final cup of premium-quality coffee to the customer. We seek out specialty green beans from Africa and Latin America by participating in bean auctions and visiting local farms. Because capturing the characteristics of each bean begins from understanding the environmental contexts and farming practices, site visits and trust in those relationships are valuable to us. Back in our roasting house, we adjust the profile for each coffee to enliven the inherently delicious flavor of the bean. The final step of interacting with customers to offer appropriate methods of brewing is a joyful moment for us.

We also stick to our spirit of honorable stubbornness when sourcing ingredients for our espresso-based and non-coffee drinks. Rather than using highly processed sugars, syrups, or frozen fruits, we are always on the lookout for high-quality, natural ingredients, such as molasses, honey and organic fruits. We make in-house condiments, such as vanilla extract and various fruit preserves rather than readymade products, because we understand that the customers appreciate delicious AND healthy drinks.

Currently, The Chamber is in the process of renovating its second retail store, which is planned to accommodate automated brew bar, cold brew lab and a new roastery. The grand opening date is scheduled in April.

Contact Details:

Joongbae Cho
Tel: +82-10-9807-9123