Sevenoaks Trading (Pty) Ltd is a green bean coffee supplier. We import green coffee direct from origin and supply to coffee roasters nationally.

Sevenoaks Trading had its humble beginnings in 1999, working from a garage in Midrand where the focus was on importing coffees from Zimbabwe for local roasters as well as exporting this coffee to other countries. Since then we have grown and expanded into importing coffees from Central and South America, Indonesia, India as well as the rest of Africa. All our coffee is stored in a warehouse in North Riding, Johannesburg.

Due to the favorable Highveld climate, Johannesburg is seen to have the perfect environment for storage, as there is no need for temperature and humidity controls.

Quality control is done in-house as well as by our traders in Hamburg. All coffee is bought by approving pre-shipment samples. All coffees are cupped on arrival for quality assurance purposes.

We supply to coffee roasters in South Africa that do not import their own coffee, or have the capacity to clear and finance full containers themselves. In addition, we broker the purchase of full containers on behalf of clients.

Coffee Roasters can now purchase coffees from a minimum of one bag to up to a container (mixed or single origin) and collect or have it delivered immediately.

We have long-standing relationships with the majority of roasters in South Africa; from small to medium as well as large corporations and pride ourselves on not only supplying green coffee, but also value add services to our clients.

Coffee in South Africa is a growing market. There seems to be a stronger awareness amongst South African coffee consumers for good quality locally roasted (fresher) coffees and they are therefore creating a higher demand for a locally produced product. There is also a new trend for coffee shops to roast on the premises.

The local coffee industry has also started looking at social responsibility. This includes the farming methods as well as the remuneration of the farmers and their workers. Roasters are moving towards forming relationships with the farmers and not just the traders of coffee. Sevenoaks is currently poised to facilitate the introduction and maintenance of these relationships.

In addition we also provide a service to existing or potential new customers by educating them on different aspects of the coffee process from bean to cup. Sevenoaks offers educational events to all customers highlighting the process from planted to roasted bean. We also offer cupping events, to develop and understand the different coffee flavours to assist roasters in developing and improving their own unique blends.