Who we are

INTERCAFE is the coffee inter professional association of Burundi. It is providing a framework for consultation and decision for the coffee sector as a whole. Intercafé Burundi is responsible for extension services, promotion, branding and marketing of “Café du Burundi”.

Members include; coffee producers, processors, roasters, wet millers and roasters and exporters.

InterCafé Burundi is managed by the Board of Directors (13 members) from all stakeholders i.e. 5 from coffee producers, 4 from wet millers, 2 from dry millers, 1 from exporters and another 1 from roasters; and the Secretariat of 8 members of staff.


  • To define long and middle term objectives of the coffee sector  related  to sectoral  government policies.
  • To represent the coffee sector within the country and abroad.
  • To Strive to see all members complying with the market requirements (e.g. certification, micro lots production etc.).
  • To improve quality productivity and increase the production of speciality coffee by 10% each year.
  • To conduct marketing and promotional actions at national and international level.
  • To link coffee owners with Buyers.
  • To Resolve environmental issues, by implementing necessary steps to grow and produce environmentally friendly coffee.
  • To be an interface body between coffee actors and national and international partners as well as government

General information:

  • There are 600,000 coffee farmers
  • Average plantation size: 200 trees
  • Harvest period: March-June,
  • Coffee provides 60%   of exports earnings
  • Production of 16 000 MT per year (70% of Fully Washed coffee
  • 200 coffee wet mills to process the fully washed coffee
  • 7 dry mills

Contact details

Avenue Ngendandumwe n° 28
P.O. BOX. 3789
Bujumbura 2- BURUNDI
Emails : nkurunzizafra@yahoo.fr | baranyizigiyeoscar@yahoo.fr | maniaug2001@yahoo.fr
Telephone: +257 22276707, +257 22276708, +257 77741863
Website: www.cafeduburundi.com