Who we are

Kingha Coffee Company was founded in 2015 by Kingsley Griffin and Maha Sarraf.  Kingha Coffee grows and processes high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee for the local market in Uganda and for export to the international coffee market.  The company’s founders spent the better part of a year extensively touring around the hills and mountains of Southwestern Uganda, until they found the right piece of land to start their coffee adventure.  What developed was a 20 acre coffee plantation.

In addition to the acres of coffee, one acre of land has been set aside to be used as a vegetable garden, where all the vegetables grown are donated to local schools, helping to ensure the students get a well-balanced diet.  We run a weekly agricultural education program for local school children, focusing on the importance of developing a life-long agricultural skill set.  We also run training programs for local farmers where they learn and practice new agricultural techniques to help them increase yields on their farms, thereby increasing their income and standard of living.

All coffee grown on our plantation is intercropped with legumes, helping to balance the nitrate concentration in the soil; naturally increasing yields and preventing soil erosion.  Shade trees, banana trees, avocado trees and mango trees are interspersed with the coffee trees, helping to slow the maturation rate of the coffee cherries, thereby increasing our coffee’s quality.  Kingha Coffee is committed to caring for the local environment.  We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides anywhere on our land, and we generate 95% of our electricity from solar cells.  We believe in the importance of growing and processing our coffee in harmony with our local environment and ensuring a sustainable and healthy present and future coffee supply.

Contact details:

Kingsley Griffin, Managing Director
Plot 17/19 DTB Center
Kampala Road
P.O.BOX. 7166 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 780 249 250
E-mail: kgriffin@kinghacoffee.com
Website: www.kinghacoffee.com