Our Mission

To provide competitive and impartial product and process assurance services to producers and processors locally, regionally and internationally for market access and sustainability.

Our Vision

To provide timely and professional product and process assurance services that leads to value addition for customers and contribute positively to the growth of AfriCert.

Our Services

Our current range of accredited certification scopes:

  • IFA Version 4.0 Edition 4.0-2_March 2013 for sub scopes Fruits and Vegetables Crop base (DAKKS)
  • AlbertHeijn protocol for residues
  • LEAF Marquee Global Standard version 13 (DAKKS)
  • SAN Standard for Sustainable Agriculture, Version 4 July 2010 (IOAS)
  • SAN Group Standard, Version 2 March 2011 (IOAS)
  • SAN Chain of Custody Standard, Version July 2015 (IOAS)

Aproved certification scopes:

  • UTZ Certified Protocol Version 4.0 July 2015.

We also carry out verification for the following standards:

  • Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP)
  • Cotton Made in Africa (CMIA)
  • Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C)
  • Better cotton initiative
  • CAFÉ Practices

Our success combines local knowledge and expertises which have enabled us expand our activities to more than 13 African countries. In addition to Kenya, we serve Tanzania (through partnership with local inspection body- Tancert), Uganda (through partnership with Africa Coffee Academy), Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. For its West Africa services, the company established a local office in Accra, Ghana in 2010.

Our professional backgrounds in Agriculture and Horticulture, Environmental Legislation, Agricultural Extension, Agribusiness, Natural Resources Management, Botany and Zoology, Tropical and Social Forestry and Quality Systems, Food Safety as well as Post-harvest Technology and master´s or doctorate´s combined with our human qualities guarantee an excellent service.