With more than 100 years of experience, Lallemand is a global leader in the development, production of yeasts, bacteria and specialty ingredients, for agricultural, health, pharmaceutical, fermented beverages, feed & food industries. Through our expertise and investments into our R&D and production facilities and through numerous partnerships with research institutes worldwide, we develop natural solutions able to improve the control of fermentation process and to optimize the quality of the final product. Our knowledge as expert in microbiology and due to our strong collaborations with coffee research institutes and technical centers, Lallemand has characterized and developed specific and natural LALCAFE™ yeasts for coffee processing.

Lallemand is a privately owned Canadian corporation with divisions operating all around the world.

The LALCAFÉ range of yeast was launched after many years of research and development on coffee cherries. The LALCAFÉ™ active dry yeast range is a first for the Coffee Industry. The products are aimed at improving the processing of cherries, the quality and the flavor improvement of the final green coffee beans. In addition, the yeast enable the expression and revelation of coffee flavors simultaneously giving a consistent, regular cup quality. During wet processing of pulped cherries, water saving is an added benefit. Lallemand continues to invest in coffee research with a focus on cherry processing to further bring new solutions and empower producers with tools that they can use to differentiate themselves.