Educated in both Zambia and the United Kingdom, Alan Zukas is the second generation working in the coffee business on Balmoral Farm, located in Zambia.

Alan has over 25 years in coffee cultivation, operating a commercial farm that mainly focused livestock farming, cash crops such as maize, wheat, cotton and soya but diversified to include commercial Arabica coffee production and export in 1995 to date, increasing the coffee hectarage from 3 ha’s to 60 ha’s, setting up a wet processing plant in 1997 and a coffee mill in 1998 and successfully transitioning the business into a profit making entity. Responsibilities as General Manager of the farm included all the planning, execution and monitoring of the resources – human, technical financial and knowledge and training.  In charge of a total staff compliment of 50 permanent workers and up to 300 pickers in season, overseeing the farm-built wet processing plant – processing harvested cherry, de-pulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee, to the micro-mill for de-hulling cleaning and grading parchment to a finished export product of graded green bean.
Additionally, Alan has experience collaborating with both private, public sector, farmers trade and industry.  He is a former board member of the Zambia Coffee Growers Association [ZCGA]. He is currently Director and Coffee Consultant of Balmoral Farm.