By the International Coffee Organisation

London, 21 September 2018 – The 122nd Session of the International Coffee Council concluded its deliberations today after a week of intense discussions and knowledge-sharing events that culminated in a strong message for the global coffee industry and policy makers. The decision of the Council provides a strong mandate for the International Coffee Organization (ICO) to further analyse the factors driving future and spot market prices for coffee including production and consumption trends and to demand actions from the world community, governments, industry and consumers in order to address the current coffee price crisis and to pursue gender equality across the coffee value chain.

The International Coffee Council – the only international forum bringing together both coffee exporting and importing countries, the public and private sectors and development partners – provides a platform to study and address the challenges facing the global coffee sector including the distribution of official coffee statistics, and the means to attract development funding to the coffee sector. Over 200 representatives of exporting and importing countries, major coffee private sector associations and platforms, ‘coffeepreneurs’, technology providers and key international organizations and donors supporting the coffee sector gathered in London to discuss how to address emerging issues and the long-term future for coffee producers, traders, industry and consumers.

Click here to read more in our October – December 2018 Magazine issue and turn to page 36.


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