Association des Exportateurs de Cacao – Café de la RD Congo (ASSECCAF)

Founded in 2015, ASSECCAF is an association of exporters and value chain operators engaged in the production and trade of agricultural crops and products throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Comprised of exporters, millers/processors, transport/logistics operators, and agricultural service providers, our primary objectives are rooted in the preservation, protection, and advancement of member and sector-wide interests. We demonstrate our commitment to members, the private sector, and industry as a whole through:

  • Contributing to ever-more collaborative, diverse, robust, and competitive sectors;
  • Bridging alliances, embracing compromise, and improving relations to advance shared interests;
  • Pursuing progressive, market-focused, and fair-minded approaches to realize more favorable business operating and regulatory environments;
  • Bolstering visibility for every actor and ensuring greater accountability at every level; and
  • Promoting the origin, targeted agricultural value chains, and products on a global scale.

Primary Export Products: Coffee, cocoa, cinchona, papain, rauwolfia, vanilla, and more.

Member Services: ASSECCAF members enjoy a wide range of services tailored to their individual and collective needs and interests. Among offerings drawn from our wider menu of services, we provide:

  • Timely market insights, information, and guidance;
  • Data collection, compilation, organization, and visualization for publication;
  • Member and member market linkages, product exhibition at fora, and promotion on national, regional, and international platforms;
  • Development, coordination, and execution of inclusive and collaborative advocacy strategies targeting regulatory reforms, tax and fee reductions, and limiting redundancies to improve administrative processes and enforcement processes;
  • Public-private sector relations, conflict resolution, and representation; and
  • Management and maintenance of accountability, monitoring and reporting systems designed to document and highlight instances of fraud, abuse, and combat illicit flows to neighboring countries.

Contact Details:

Kinshasa Office, 8e Etage, Immeuble Botour,
Commune de la Gombe, Kinshasa, RDC
Phone: +243 85 6465658, +243 813 371 126
Web site:

Mr. Mechack K. Kiponwa (President),

Mr. Jacques P. Matumo (Permanent Secretary)

Mr. Anicet M. Kanduki (National Coordinator)