Barkume Coffee Export PLC is one of the coffee processor and exporter of Ethiopian Arabica coffee. Mr. Tadesse Edema, owner and General Manager of Barkume has been in coffee industry since 1995 – managing coffee processing and supply of specialty Sidamo and guji washed and sun dried coffees. The company owns three washing station and two sun dried hullers that are found in the southern part of the country, where the best quality coffees are being produced. The company has been supplying about 300 tons of washed and 900 tons sun dried coffee to central market from the washing stations and Hulling plants and recently from its Coffee Farm.

The washing station, hullers, and  are found in Oromiya region in weredas/districts:- Guji Zone, Kercha wereda, Gurchujeldo kebele site – both a washing station and a sundried huller, Guji Zone,  Urga Wereda, Tabe Burka kebele – a washing station , GujiZone , Kerch Wereda , Bedessa Kebele – a washing station , and Guji Zone, Urga Wereda, uraga town – a sun dried huller.

The coffee plantations are found in Oromiya regional state, Guji zone of ANASORA & SHAKISO weredas. The Coffee Farm at ANASORA is 167 ha and that of SHAKISO is 150 ha of land located at Guji highlands. The Altitude is in the range of 1750-2000 a.s.l, The annual rain fall is 1650mm with almost 9 month raining because of the fact that the area is surrounded by dense of forests. The soil is loamy fertile with PH range between 5.5-6.5. To maintain the soil and protect erosion the farm is intercropped with legumes plants and counter tracing was applied in Addition compost preparation which is the main criteria for organic certification.

Currently Barkume is engaged in exporting activities, and has already commenced exporting coffee to different parts of the world (countries like- Germany, Netherland, USA, Belgium, China, and Arab countries). It exports all types of Ethiopian Arabica coffee and especially well experienced in Sidamo type of coffee, which comes from highland altitude of about 1880-2100m. The area has an annual rainfall of above 1100mm. The company is staffed with professionals who have long experience in coffee industry and to go more in the sustainable coffee agriculture.

Our vision and mission for the next twenty five years is to be part of the world community that is recognized for the production of high quality Ethiopian Arabica coffee from Guji & Shakiso zone.

Barkume also works with more than 700 small holders of  coffee out growers in Guji Zone. These farmers collect coffee harvest from their own farms and deliver to its warehouses. They earn better prices for their coffee than those at primary market. Barkume Coffee Export PLC has made a commitment to support the out growers as long as they perform the common gaol with principle of better quality and improved production volume. It is also committed to earn the farmers certification which will add value to their high quality coffee that is produced under the direction of the code of conduct for coffee agriculture and therefore; the coffee is 100% traceable to the trees.


To be a reputable and dependable Ethiopian premium & Specialty coffee supplier from its own coffee plantation, and from the coffee that is produced by our out growers.


To deliver premium quality coffee to meet maximum customer satisfaction and ascertain reliable and sound business relationship with them internationally.

To build a relationship that will end up in coffee roasting and instant coffee plants


  • To engage in export of premium quality Coffee and win international market from its traceable specialty coffees,
  • To increase  current 150 hectares   of   coffee plantation to 317 hectares of land within three  years and to 500 hectares within seven years,
  • To increase washing station from existing three to six in next five years,
  • To increase its export volume by many folds to the international market.

Investment and Other Engagements

  1. Operating Hotel industry currently at Hagere Mariam, and also constructing a four stars Hotel in Addis Ababa, at Bole Sub city. The hotel construction will be finalized within the coming six to eight months.
  2. Distribution of oil and Gas by establishing thee fuel stations in Oromiya region, Guji Zone at Kibremengist and Negele Borena towns.
  3. Owns and runs a Flour factory located at Guji Zone Bore wereda.
  4. Owns and runs 5 heavy duty dry cargo trucks fleet to and from Djibouti , and inland cargo freights.

Moreover, Barkume is working aggressively to increase its export of Ethiopian Arabica Coffee significantly by utilizing its high caliber professionals who have long expertise in Coffee industry. As the result, the company like, HUMBURG, OLAM, SUCAFINA, SHCULTER, SINOFARM are among those of our customers.

Barkume export 9 containers, 18 containers, and 30 containers from the past 3  years , and have a plan to export 10 containers of specialty and 70 containers of conventional coffee this year.

Our specialties and the traditional Ethiopia Arabic Coffee that we supply:-

  • Washed Yirgacheffee Grade 2,
  • Washed Sidamo Grade 2,
  • Washed Limu Grade 2,
  • Washed Lekemeti Grade 2,
  • Sundried Jimmah Grade 4 & 5,
  • Sundried Sidamo Grade 4,
  • Sundried Lekempti Grade 4 & 5, and
  • Specialty coffee from Guji,Yirga,and Sidamo

Contact Address:

P.O.Box 124512,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Tel: +251 0116 61 67 00
  • Fax: +251 011 661 67 02
  • Cell phone: +251 09 11 20 98 75 – General Manager (Mr Tadesse Edema)
  • +251 930294104/251 911388133 – Export Manger ( Mr Dessalegn Oljirra)
  • Email: or

Trust and work with us, you will be satisfied with our clients’ interest based coffee preparation and our committed delivery. Please order us whatever type & volume, we will quote our price.