Who we are

Community Coffee Collective (CCC) was founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson who moved to Burundi in 2011 with their family with the vision to grow and produce micro-lots of coffee in Burundi. We see coffee as a tool for sustainable community transformation and use direct trade to facilitate meaningful relationships between coffee roasters and coffee growers by producing great coffee and telling the stories of the farmers who grow it.

What we do & how we operate

Our passion is to continuously grow and craft unique micro-lots of coffee that are processed with care and improve the wellbeing of the farmers who grow it. We do this by paying quality-based premiums and by working at farm level through our own community agronomy program that is currently employing 26 young Burundians in a full-time capacity. We own two washing stations (wet mills) through which we work with over 4300 farming families in 26 coffee hills as well as various coffee cooperatives. CCC showcases terroir by tracing every kilogram of coffee produced back to individual farming families and communities in order to connect to roasters who believe that exceptional coffee includes traceability and sustainability. Through paying quality-based premiums and listening to the struggles of the farmers we work with, we hope to build platforms for change that are rooted in community and sustained by the high quality of our production.

Contact details:


Mobile: +257 79049315