Who we are are

Specialty Green Coffee Importer since 1978. Based in Barcelona, Spain, we strongly believe, promote and support “estates coffees”, creating links between farmers and roasters. Sustainability and Traceability it’s not our aim, it’s our only and reasonable possible way to work together with our collaborators from origin, approaching the “estates coffees” to roasting countries. Every bean has a story to be told, grab your cupping spoon and live the version of our story tellers. Get ready to taste our coffees, open the sluice of your roaster´s drum and experience your personal journey to origin!

Contact details:

Mail: info@fincasdecafe.es
Web: www.fincasdecafe.es
Tel: +34 93 636 3947


Passeig del Ferrocarril 339. Bajo 3.
08860, Castelldefels, Barcelona