In 1999, three coffee farmers associations operating in Karama, Kinyamakara and Rukondo communities consisting of 867 members (543 men and 324 women joined hands and started working together. These associations later on formed a union on May 14th 2002, and was named KOAKAKA.

The co-operative union was registered by the Rwanda Coopera­tive Agency (RCA) on 25th February 2003. Currently KOAKAKA Cooperative has a total membership of 1316 coffee members (1119 men and 297 women).

In 2003, the union started a coffee washing station in KARAMBI with a capacity of 800MT (fresh cherries) per season and another coffee washing station in MUGANZA in 2005 with a capacity of 500MT per season. From KARAMBI CWS we pro­duced 1,500MT (fresh cherries) per season and MUGANZA CWS produced 700MT per season.


  • To be a meeting quality and consistently improve welfare of members,
  • To increase jobs so as reduce the un­employment and poverty in the region,
  • To produce and export fine coffee in Europe, America, Japan and Asia.


  • To exceptional quality coffee and competitive price;
  • To increase coffee production
  • To set different activities regarded to environment protection

Services offered

  1. Financial services to members (Loan, to build their house, New Coffee washing station…)
  2. Support to pay school fees and health insurance
  3. Purchase and marketing members’ products,
  4. Job opportunities to members and their families
  5. Trainings to members on administration, quality management and savings

Contact details

SAFARI Bonaventure
Manager /KOAKAKA Cooperatives
Telephone: +250788479756 /789723300
E-mail address: