About us

Mountain Harvest is a young, innovative coffee production company that works to raise the quality of life for smallholder Arabica coffee farmers on Mt Elgon in eastern Uganda, by increasing incomes, helping build farm and household assets and enhancing farmer resilience to climate change. Mountain Harvest believes such change can only be achieved by unlocking and monetizing unrealized potential of the farmers’ coffee and farms. Our approach involves elevating quality into the premium segment of the specialty coffee market, building relationship-based trade with roaster-retailers that pay higher prices for quality and impact (social and environmental), and by investing at the farm level through an intense, service-oriented engagement with farmers.

At Mountain Harvest, we are passionate about producing specialty coffee and improving the lives of the farmers who grow it. Our team works closely with Arabica coffee growing families in Uganda to fulfill the potential of the coffee they grow. We are committed to promoting high-quality production using ecological, climate-smart, sustainable farming practices in order to protect the environment that we all depend on.

We offer farmers strong prices along with a bonus for every kilo sold so that they are better able to provide for their families, invest in their crops and land, and ultimately, drive inclusive growth within the local economy.

Producing high-quality coffee means investing in the lives of the farmers who produce it, caring for the environment where it grows and building direct relationships with roasters. This way, we can generate increased value for coffee farmers, while delivering great Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees to our customers.

Our coffees

Farmers on Mount Elgon grow coffee at some of the highest elevations for coffee anywhere in the world, ranging from 1,600 to 2,200 meters. Our coffees have diverse and interesting cup profiles depending on altitude and processing. Our micro-lots are well-balanced with a sweet clean finish.

Until recently, Mount Elgon has been an untapped origin for Arabica coffee, with Uganda mainly known for its Robusta crops. We’re working to fulfill the potential of Ugandan coffee by elevating it to the highest standards.

We source coffee from farmers in the following groups (Primary Cooperative Societies): Bumugibole, Bumatanda, Yilwanako, Konokoyi, Bunabude, Buweswa and Sipi.

We offer full traceability of all our coffees, from farm to our cupping lab and warehouse in Mbale. We’re always striving to more fully understand how various farm practices and processing methods influence the quality of the cup. This way, we can bring unique and interesting coffees that fit our clients’ preferences.

Our coffees are Organic, Fair-Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Contact details

Email: info@mountainharvest.com
Website: https://mountainharvest.com/
Mbale, Uganda.