As Africa’s agriculture continues to be the fundamental pillar for sustainable development and poverty eradication in the region, NORDOX (ISO 9001:2000 certified), in line with her quality policy, is duly committed to consistently and reliably deliver innovative NORDOX BRANDS that meet our farmer’s expectations whilst continually improving our quality management system.

NORDOX AS is the commercial branch of the NORDOX Foundation in Oslo, Norway. Our company has been dedicated to the production Copper oxide for industrial- and agricultural purposes in more than 130 years.

We are the leading producer of the “Red Copper” for agriculture in the world with customers and activities in more than 65 countries.

NORDOX has worked in Kenya and Tanzania in more than 40 years, and now in  Uganda where we are sharply increasing our activity. Our products have become the Standard for protecting coffee plants from diseases and by this secure the farmers with better yield.

Our products and technologies, all approved for use in organic farming, enhance lives and introduce our customers to a whole new world of innovative products, for Coffee, Cereals & Horticulture sectors of crop production. These Products – NORDOX SUPER 75WP, NORDOX 75WG (Fungicides) & VERNO FG (Cu/Zn Fertilizer) provide high value returns to the grower.

Verno® FG Technology delivers micronized particles of cuprous oxide and zinc oxide that provide a reservoir of slow release copper and zinc supply of nutrients when the plant needs them either at flowering stage, early stages of fruit / berry development, ripening or at the vegetative growth. Verno adheres strongly to leaves and plant surfaces thus offering uniform distribution and absorption of copper and Zinc nutrients in a super synergistic manner!

Research has shown VERNO FG® to be extremely successful due to it’s high solubility, rapid dispersion in spray solution (Suspensability), and uniform absorption on all leaf surfaces. Regular use assures you of quicker plant growth, improved root biomass and fruit-set, yield quantity and quality. The unique formulation enhances the synergistic effect giving crops a green tonic effect.

“We let the plant, helped by their slightly acidic surface reaction and exudates on the surface, dissolve the nutrient salts gradually, chelate and re-locate the positively charged nutrient ions. Our idea is to leave the chemistry job for the plant, which they are capable to do, and Verno will provide the nutrients over a prolonged period of time.”

NORDOX SUPER 75WP / 75WG are key brands, offering high potency and broad-spectrum activity against many diseases like Coffee Berry Disease (CBD), Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR), Early & late blight in Potatoes & Tomatoes, Rust, Angular leaf spot in French Beans, amongst other crops. NORDOX’s reliability and quality for 130 years has made it the premium quality Copper-of-choice in many countries around the world.  NORDOX® Brands continue to set the very high standards by which all other Coppers are judged!

Our closeness to the farmer is evidently seen in over 65 countries which we supply our products to.

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